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This is where i would like to bring in my experience of solving various errors i have come across with automation.I always believe learning from your errors is more important rather than learning some thing new or which does not exists.

That's the reason for this post.

 source folder is not a java project
 When you are trying to create class file or package or sub-folder you get this error :
 All you have to do it :
      1. Right click on the project goto->properties -> project facets
      2. Now click on convert to faceted form
      3. Select Java in the left column - apply ok

Cannot read lifecycle mapping metadata for artifact org.apache.maven.plugins:mav in eclipse   
To resolve the above:    
Navigate to the below directory:
in this case plugin-name for above issue is maven-plugins once you delete, run maven update 
project through eclipse or from command line , clean the project and restart, it should work now

UIElement cannot be cast to java.util.List
java.lang.ClassCastException: io.appium.java_client.ios.UIElement cannot be cast to java.util.List
I resolved this issue by creating a new function for List<webelement> 

The reason for the error was my  
List<WebElement> TapPinNo = <was calling the findelement(by.css(“”))
It should have called instead , findelements(by.css(“ “));
So i created a new function to call List<webelements> , instead of just webelement, all my
 findelement was calling another function within UILocator class in the framework.
If the elements are declared locally, then prefer to change it with in the code , like
"driver.findelement" to "driver.findelements"

Appium error: unknown error: operation is unsupported on Android
Solution :
That command is not supported on Android webviews. You cannot do it.
Scroll /swipe  is not happening by default in webviews when finding the element. 
Seems to work in iOS (Safari browser), but not in Android (Chrome).
Hence we need to switch the view to NATIVE_APP
Like -
   Dimension dimension = driver.context("NATIVE_APP").manage().window().getSize();

CocoaAsyncSocket.h not found error in WebDriverAgent for iOS/Mac Or even the RoutingHTTPServer error
 for webdriver agent
Perform the following and will resolve the error
  • Go to node_modules/appium-xcuitest-driver/WebDriverAgent
  • mkdir –p Resources/WebDriverAgent.bundle  
  • sh ./Scripts/ –d
  • Open Xcode with WebDriverAgent.xcodproj
  • Build WebDriverAgent Project with Sign.   
  No Chromedriver found that can automate Chrome '58.0.3029' 

Work around is to specify the chrome driver path, In the appium desktop tool under advance

org.openqa.selenium.remote.UnreachableBrowserException: Error communicating with the
 remote  browser. 
Restart the appium server will solve the above problem

Unable to open the monitor file
unexpected error while parsing input: Invalid ui automator hierarchy file
This below stackoverflow link helped me resolve:


This below On MAC OS: Android device monitor loads blank. 
To Resolve
      By downgrading the java to 1.8.0_151, prev i was using 1.8.0_171
Download the jdk-8u151-macosx-x64 from 
Note: You need to sign up to oracle to download previous versions of jdk.



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