Setting up Automation for Android Using Appium

I personally had to navigate across various websites / blogs to check for each url/link and have to get it setup, which took me more time before i actually start working on automation stuff. That struggle made me come up with this Post.
I after writing this post just followed the below steps with to set it up and it worked fine.
I Hope this will help others navigating / searching other websites and wasting time, and this becomes like an one stop solution.

Please follow the below Steps to Setup:

Appium + Selenium + Cucumber + TestNG
  1. Install Eclipse / Intellij IDE Tool
  2. Download Java
  3. Download Android Studio
  4. Download / Install Appium now
    You can download from this url -   Or else can do it over command line:
    1. Install npm and node or Install GIT bash -   
               Note: If node is not installed , please goto the url -
           2Now open gitbash and check for "npm -v" and "node -v" (to make sure its installed)
           3. Now enter the command npm install -g appium (this will install the current version of appium)
          4. Now to start appium type in : appium -a (if successfully installed you should see the appium server starting
  5. Create Maven based Project from Eclipse now
  6. Load all the dependencies on POM.XML
    - Get the TestNG / Junit Dependency
    - Get the cucumber-html ,cucumber-core, cucumber-junit, cucumber-jvm-deps, gherkin, cucumber-testng
    - Get the selenium dependency: selenium-java, selenium-server-standalone
    - Get the appium dependency: java-client
  7. Get the Eclipse plugin added for cucumber :                                     
  8. Get the Eclipse plugin added for testng
  9. Now it all good to start writing Gherkin Language scripts to automate
  10. Make sure you have the below installed as well:
    -  Install the ADT Plugin for Eclipse (Android Studio Manager will be installed - this is needed for the supported Android API's to run with)
    -  Now once the Plugin is installed , Under Window Option in eclipse you should be able to see Android SDK Manager and Android Virtual Device Manager option
    -  Now tap on Android SDK Manager and Now this loads the Android SDK Manager window.
       Make sure you select the related API version to be installed (Like Android 6.0 API 23 -Expand and Select SDK Platform etc
       Also select Android SDK Tools, Android SDK Platform-tools
       Under Extra folder to select mandatory ones like
              > Google Play services
              > Google USB Driver
  11. Once its done goto Your Control panel and look for Advanced System Settings and Select Environment - Add JAVA_HOME Path ex: would be "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_131\bin"
     - Add Android_HOME Path ex: "C:\Users\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\"
     - Include "C:\Users\android-sdks\platform-tools" in the Path variable as well - This allows you to work with adb commands
    - Now in the same environment , select Path variable and append the above two paths into it (BE CAREFUL WHILE DOING THIS, Make sure u copy the existing path before appending anything so that you don't miss out the existing one)
  12. Now open cmd / terminal window and type in : adb (if its installed sucessfully it should throw u the version)


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