iOS 11 Beta Update

Last week iOS 11 Beta 6 was released. Below is the steps to update your devices:

1. Assume your phone is on iOS 10.3.3 / 9.3
2. Now goto phone settigns -> General - > Software update
3. Check you can update to latest from here and have the proper link to do it
4. If you can't then follow the below steps
5. Log into -
6. Login with your credentials 
7. Once logged in
Account section of the page, Click on Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.
9. Under devices - select all
10. Click on + and add enter the device id and udid ( how to find udid,its a separate post)
11. Once the udid is added 
12. goto the from your mobile phone browser
13. Login 
14. Now navigate to the 
      Develop > Downloads section.
15. The download section will have as below, select download - iOS 11 Beta 6
16. Download should be done and should ask you to reboot the device
17. Restart the device
18. Now after Restart, Goto ->Settings - > General -> Software Update
19. You should find a link to update to 11.6 now
20. Tap on it
21. Download will begin and once updated , the device will reboot automatically
22. You are DONE! - Should have the latest OS now


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